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          5 million solar farm will feed 10 megawatts into the national grid when the construction is completed during the first half of 2017.[2020-10-14]
          Shaanxi will diversify trade connections along the Belt and Road Initiative.[2020-10-23]
          I have seen that man before, as he often showed up on the street recently.[2020-10-2]
          Atletico Madrids Miranda (23) kicks Chelseas Gary Cahill as a player takes a corner during their Champions League semifinal first leg soccer match at Vicente Calderon stadium in Madrid, April 22, 2014.[2020-10-19]
          A regulation on work safety reports and solutions requires production and operations departments to inform work safety and relevant administrations within one hour after emergencies occur, “but as far as I know, the subway corporation just called the police, which confused me”, Xu added.[2020-10-19]
          Chinese companies have made several high-profile deals in London.[2020-10-8]
          Zhang said the university advises Han Chinese students and other non-Muslim students to respect the practice.[2020-10-8]
          Huimin, a post-90s property consultant, stands at a housing sales office in Shanghai, September 1, 2016.[2020-10-22]
          She was really reluctant to get into politics herself.[2020-10-8]
          She said China adheres to the diplomatic policy of good neighborhood and friendly relations, and will take effective measures to respond to security challenges and safeguard national and territorial sovereignty.[2020-10-9]
          Considering that this performance has been achieved against the backdrop of efforts to reduce excess production capacity and cut corporate debt levels, the figures are not only impressive, but also suggest the country has managed to successfully strike a balance in its bid to promote economic growth and restructuring.[2015-11-24]
          A highly structured derivative product with an expected return rate of 15 percent sold in the United States would never get approved here, Leung explained.[2018-12-22]
          Ye Mingzhe, general manager of Ruian Fuyimei Shoe Industry Co, said there was a time when nobody cared about environmental protection.[2017-2-13]
          Zhang Dawei, a Centaline Property analyst, said the development of rental housing could help avert drastic ups and downs in the property market and reduce irrational demand.[2018-10-21]
          The secretary-general stresses that further disturbances will not serve the interests of any side, the statement said.[2016-3-26]
          Shanghai Zhongti Group, an investor, built the golf course complex as one project of the Guilong international health center.[2019-5-9]
          A man uses a large paint brush to write Chinese poems with water on the floor in Taoranting Park.[2016-1-30]
          In addition to tax relief, the minister vowed that the government will increase efforts to push forward more public-private partnership projects, which are still in their infancy in China.[2016-10-9]
          The flood season of the Yangtze River is expected to last between April and October, the administration said.[2016-7-12]
          On Nov 1, about 1,000 police raided the Royal No 1 Nightclub, which was found to have been engaged in the sex trade since it opened in August 2012, Zhang said.[2016-3-31]
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