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          The UK has been named country of honor and official partner at the fair, which will host 2,500 companies from 28 countries and regions.[2020-10-30]
          But now, if you ask me what Chinese soccer learned from 2002 - nothing!It seems like everything went with the Wulihe Stadium (where Hao and his team defeated Oman to qualify for the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan).[2020-10-20]
          Next up: nightmare boss makes employees attend his mother-in-laws funeral.[2020-10-4]
          Two years ago, when the conference was held for the first time, we were not confident, Zhou said.[2020-10-12]
          They moved the other 11 dogs alive to a factory yard.[2020-10-6]
          Su Shi creates his ice sculpture Survival of the Fittest for the 29th China Harbin International Ice Sculpture Competition.[2020-10-27]
          But it was rewarded as the No 1 IPO village in China for its four listed firms, six private enterprises and fifteen tertiary industry companies.[2020-10-20]
          There is a wide selection of flavors, such as peach yogurt, chocolate and raspberry, chocolate and hazelnut, strawberry mousse, tiramisu, mixed berries and Italian cheese.[2020-10-8]
          6 billion to get to the country and on purchases there.[2020-10-24]
          They were created by the cloud machine, which is like a large freezer.[2020-10-22]
          One of the objects, found in the Indian Ocean about 2,500 km southwest of the Australian city of Perth, is about 24 meters long.[2018-8-28]
          Liu Yukun contributed to the story.[2017-2-23]
          He added his company had forbidden its staff from purchasing car plates for their customers starting this month, and that they are also no longer allowed to offer clients an estimated bidding price in order to avoid any accusation of pushing up market prices.[2017-5-21]
          has found itself in trouble, as recent reports indicate that its quality criteria fall short of those set by the government for the countrys tap water.[2018-2-21]
          Related:15-pound baby boy born in S China Chengguan buys Google glasses to record workAn urban patrol official in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, spent several times his monthly salary to buy a pair of Google glasses, which cost ,500, to record his experiences during work, Yangtze Evening News reported on Monday.[2019-10-6]
          Outbound tourism is booming, but the inbound sector has seen declines in visitor numbers and the amount of money spent by visitors.[2019-3-26]
          The familys car was stopped by the mobs, and the little girl survived only because her mother hid her in the trunk.[2016-11-4]
          Chen, who has been dispatched to Lebanon to perform UN peacekeeping missions three times, is one of the 1,342 Chinese soldiers that have been sent to Lebanon in the past seven years.[2017-2-12]
          Mandelas family, including his daughters and grandchildren, continued visiting him in hospital Wednesday.[2015-3-5]
          5 percent of Fields international business in the first quarter of 2014, up from 19 percent last year.[2017-8-22]
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